The new vaccine. What is it?

Dr. Madej sounds the alarm about nanotechnology in the COVID-19 vaccine

We need to be very well informed before taking this vaccin.

Some COVID-19 Vaccine Candidates May Make People More Vulnerable to HIV, Scientists Warn

“We are concerned that use of an Ad5 vector for immunisation against SARS-CoV-2 could similarly increase the risk of HIV-1 acquisition among men who receive the vaccine,” they wrote.

Vaccines require a vehicle of sorts to deliver them to their required locations. This is called a vector and it is this component of the vaccine that is causing some concern.

Dr. Christiane Northrup’s SHOCKING vaccine disclosure

Dear Police, Healthcare Workers, and First Responders Re COVID-19 Vaccine Concerns

January 5, 2021

Dear Police, First Responders and Healthcare Workers

Re: COVID-19 Vaccine Concerns

I am writing on behalf of Vaccine Choice Canada to express our deep concern for you and your colleagues.

We understand that first responders and frontline healthcare workers are being targeted to receive the initial deployment of the COVID-19 vaccine. After a thorough review of the available scientific literature, it is our contention that the Pfizer and Moderna products authorized for ‘interim’ use in Canada carry substantial risks.

We recognize the importance of first responders and frontline workers and feel a sense of urgency to share this information with those we rely on most during times of emergency. The attached document addresses the following concerns:

  • Human experimentation: The Pfizer and Moderna vaccines granted ‘interim approval’ by Health Canada have not been adequately tested for either safety or efficacy. This means that the use of the COVID-19 vaccine is human experimentation.
  • The Vaccine May Not Prevent Infection or Transmission: COVID-19 vaccine makers are not required to demonstrate that their product prevents either infection or transmission of the virus.
  • COVID-19 – A Low Lethality Illness: The coronavirus is statistically shown to be far less deadly than portrayed by mainstream media and health officials.
  • Health Canada Oversight Insufficient: The safety testing of the COVID-19 vaccine products is incomplete and less rigorous than that for other vaccines.
  • No Individualized Risk-Benefit Analysis: A proper risk-benefit analysis has not been conducted. Implementing a ‘one-size-fits-all’ policy fails to recognize that the risk of COVID-19 varies greatly depending upon several variables including age and pre-existing conditions.
  • Informed Consent: Those advocating for mandates and coercive measures that remove the right to consent are undermining essential individual rights and freedoms. This is a clear violation of the Canadian Charter and also medical ethics.

Our intention in writing this letter is to bring to your awareness the experimental nature of this vaccine. It is our hope that this information will help to protect your right to voluntary informed consent, free of any coercion or constraint. Thank you for your service to Canadians.


Vaccine Choice Canada

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