6 thoughts on “COVID-19 Facts and Science

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  4. This is the new, watered down definition of a pandemic. The WHO changed the definition of a pandemic back in 2009 such that it became much easier to declare a pandemic. The traditional definition of a pandemic included the elements of high mortality and severity of the disease.
    That is what people still think of as a pandemic, but the new definition could be applied to the seasonal flu, or even a highly transmissible common cold.

    There are significant consequences resulting from the definition change by the WHO. A few months after they changed the definition, the WHO declared a swine flu pandemic of the H1N1 flu virus. This triggered the automatic sale of flu vaccines to many countries as the WHO had negotiated deals with vaccine manufacturers and member countries. In the event of a flu pandemic, those countries were required to purchase certain quantities of flu vaccine.
    It turned out that the 2009 pandemic wasn’t a real pandemic, not by the old, traditional definition of a pandemic. In fact, it wasn’t even a bad seasonal flu. The average seasonal flu claims between 250,000 to half a million lives worldwide. The 2009 flu’s mortality was reported as just under 19,000. (Since then, others claim it may have actually caused 10 times that number, but that would still be less than the average seasonal flu.)
    But the countries that were obligated to purchase vaccines expended a lot of money from their public health budgets, and pharmaceutical companies made a lot of money.

    [I’m not a lawyer, but it would seem to me that those contracts should have been declared null and void given that they were made with the old definition of a vaccine. You cannot change a contract by changing the definitions of words or terms in that contract after the fact. Those countries should have refused to purchase the vaccines given that there were very few deaths recorded and the disease severity was not remarkable compared to the normal seasonal flu.]


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